Matthieu Ozanne : invent & realize

An invention is beautiful when it comes to life!

> 20 years of innovation and R&D in the industry

> 40 patents

Projects managed from idea to industrialization,

Industial Engineer

Certified Design thinking Coach

My field experience has shown that it is not enough to gather people in a room with post-its to find solutions!

Real successes are based on methods, and it is while looking for concrete solutions to solve my innovation challenges for 20 years that I have become more and more interested in Innovation methodologies, project management, etc. …

My certification as a “DESIGN THINKING coach” is a logical continuation of my career: Research of methodology, creation of concepts, design, user validation, industrialization of products and services…

This is the starting point for the transmission of my experience.


Invention and industrialization of the tea machine SPECIAL.T by Nestlé for capsules
Co-Founder of the Start-up AirYacht S.A

My experience covers technical, marketing and commercial aspects.
I know how to bridge the gap between R&D and Business